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Turf Cutter

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This petrol turf cutter is an extremely efficient tool for removing large areas of turf for laying cables and pipes, clearing grass areas to build a patio, or other landscape gardening projects.

This tough machine neatly cuts up to 30 metres of linear strips a minute, without actually damaging the turf. This allows for the turf to be rolled away conveniently, the pipe/cable work to take place and then the same turf can be rolled back out over the ground. This turf cutting machine therefore provides an extremely economical way of clearing turf, as it saves the expense of buying fresh turf at the end of the job.

This machine is very easy to operate and it gives you professional results with minimal effort. The petrol driven motor gives this machine extremely tough cutting capabilities, without the restriction of power cables – so you have unlimited access to anywhere on the lawn.

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Turf Cutter


We offer an economical delivery service for hire periods of 24-hours and longer. Due to logistics considerations, it is not normally available for the four-hour hire period, although it may be possible in certain circumstances; please enquire when booking.