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Long Reach Hedgecutter

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This petrol-powered long-reach hedge trimmer is ideal for professional gardeners and groundsmen to accurately trim large hedges to a crisp and precise finish.

This extremely convenient, practical hedge trimmer gives you a simple method of trimming tall hedges without the need to balance from a ladder, as the handle can extend out up to 3m long.

This trimmers robust blades will efficiently cut through the branches of thick hedges, allowing you to complete larger jobs much more quickly. The light-weight design of this trimmer allows for comfortable control, ensuring you are extremely precise and accurate in your trimming, and the adjustable head allows you to reach the very top of the hedge, to easily trim the tops to a consistent, professional standard.

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Long Reach Hedgecutter


We offer an economical delivery service for hire periods of 24-hours and longer. Due to logistics considerations, it is not normally available for the four-hour hire period, although it may be possible in certain circumstances; please enquire when booking.